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Visit the subject areas on the menu to view samples of our professional photography. They are organized by area of specialty. I provide professional photography services for advertising, marketing,  public relations, corporate communications, publication, and the Internet with 35 years professional photography experience. Call if you have a professional photography project in mind that you would like to discuss or to request a quote.

Want the moon? Like a fence around it?  buy dnp online 

I had a client before Photoshop was invented who needed professional photography showing all phases of the moon combined in a single image for an advertisement he was doing. So I built a moon. The moon was created by applying plaster of paris to a beach ball. This photograph was a multiple exposure image made on an 8 X 10 inch view camera. Seven moon outlines were traced on the ground glass of the camera for accurate alignment. The lights and camera were re-positioned between each exposure for to capture each of the seven phases on one sheet of 8 X 10 color transparency film. Please take a look around this website then feel free to ask for anything. I will be happy to serve you.


Johnstown Magazine Cover Shots

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If you’re looking for a talented photographer in Johnstown, PA, you’ve come to the right place. Photography by Michael Karcher is a skilled photographer offering excellent service at reasonable rates. Whether you’re planning an elegant wedding or simply want to capture your child’s smile on film, Photography by Michael Karcher is available to help you create memories to last a lifetime.


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