Night Camping 

Night camping is one of the most fun location photographs I ever produced. It was created for Coleman Folding Trailers at Pioneer Park in Somerset County, PA. My regular assistant, Denny Miller, was not available on this evening so I shot this with the help of an IUP intern, Chris Blose.

Location photography is challenging. On this shoot we had three models and were working outdoors at night, running electricity and lighting a campground. Seven lights were used to create the feeling of moonlight at night. The models were not professionals but they all gave professional performances.

Shooting Photographs on Location

Shooting on location is always interesting and challenging. It is good to come prepared with the right equipment and have a strategy for lighting options that is flexible and adaptable to different conditions and circumstances. If time and client are willing, I usually prefer to scout new locations in advance of an actual photo shoot so I understand the working environment in terms of challenges and limitations, opportunities and points of view.

Sometimes after scouting for location photography, I will have an idea about an approach or photographic treatment that I can discuss with the client prior to the actual photo shoot. This often produces more interesting photographs when the actual location photography shoot happens.