Put a face on your business. Show your stuff. Let people see what your company or organization has to offer. It’s free! Well almost. But think of it this way — Once you have a website you can add as many pages and pictures as you want. The extra space is virtually free. Why not use this asset to create your image or sell your stuff?

Website & Internet Photos:

KarcherImage Professional Photography offers a special package to people who want to upgrade their image in the Internet without selling the store. For as little as $225 or as much as you like, we can come to your location to produce custom photography for you.

Sure you can buy stock images of somebody else’s people and office space but does that really do your business justice? If you are proud of your own people and workplace –  show your stuff! We can do product photos, people photos, interiors and exteriors of your space. Call and let’s talk about your options.

Show your people. Show your building. Show your products.  Show your factory or manufacturing area. Show your trucks or your fleet. Show how you compete!

Some people use stock photos to represent their organizations but that just doesn’t seem right. Showing an actor or a model or pictures of offices that don’t belong to you doesn’t really put the best face on your organization. Most successful business owners agree that it is their people that are their greatest assets. From the top down or the bottom up, businesses are built with and by the people who own them, run them and make them work.